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August 1, 2019
August 9, 2020
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Fly with me

In our series: “Understanding Colors,” we focus on finding the meaning behind the different tones and appreciating the message sent out when a certain color is chosen for our designs. While all the colors’ meanings are extremely interesting, we decided to put a certain focus on further understanding that of yellow, as it is particularly unique. With yellow comes the quote “Your potential is endless,” which brings forth a certain motivation in a person, and which really resonates with Margalit Azerad’s mantra.
“Your potential is endless.”

In fact, life is about listening, observing, and learning. There’s so much to know, see, and hear, which is why every day offers new learnings. You might be unaware of the different actions that you are able to achieve, while others already see it in you. The phrase “You have so much potential,” doesn’t mean that you are already successful, it means that you have the possibility to develop your character and your steps in a way to attain your goals or any form of usefulness. Only you chose whether or not you want your potential to be limitless and by putting your heart and belief into it, you will begin living your life as such, leading you to the road of success. .

It wasn’t until Margalit Azerad started testing her potentials, that she ended up creating and managing her own haute couture line, Margalit Azerad. By developing the key characteristic that she and others saw in her, her creativity was unleashed and she was able to turn her lifelong passion into a career. It all comes in believing in yourself, and as cheesy as it sounds believing that you do in fact have so much potential, it’s just a matter of trusting it, which will lead you to explore it.

Expand your wings, learn new things and fly as high as you can.
In order to fly you must give up everything that weighs you down, which is what inspired us to create this airy dress, light as a feather with bird prints.

“Your limit is in your hands, it all depends on how high you fly!”- Azerad Margalit

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