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July 5, 2020
Rosh Hashana
September 10, 2020
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Over the past couple of weeks, the meaning of different colors of the rainbow, also used throughout the summer 2020 collection, have been analyzed in the means to better understand its use in the garments. Each week, a different color was chosen and posted along with its characteristics, a dress from our collection, and an inspiring quote. This color series can be concluded with a famous quote by Gilbert Chesterton, “Without the rain, there would be no rainbow,” which beautifully describes Margalit Azerad’s road to creating her business.
Like many things in life, in order to get to your success, you must go down different roads, some hard and some easy. The hard times will teach you perseverance, patience, and new life lessons, while the easy ones will show you gratitude. However, once the obstacles have been overcome, you are faced with a beautiful outcome; which in Margalit’s case, is the creation of not only her business but each and every custom-made gown. This equates to the idea of having a rainbow after a storm; having a beautiful outcome after the hard times. Similarly, with each color comes a different message. Red illustrates love, passion, courage, and desire. Orange shows joy, warmth, creativity, and wellness. Yellow brings happiness, hope, clarity, and energy. Green emphasizes life, renewal, ambition, and harmony. Blue portrays loyalty, freedom, imagination, and tranquility. Lastly, purple indicates royalty, luxury, grace, and femininity .
All in all, once the hidden meaning of colors is explored, it is important to fully understand them in order to embrace and enjoy each piece that is crafted by a designer.

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