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My experience at Gravure By Atlantic

As you all know, collaborations aren’t up my alley. I’m not a fan of free gifts as an exchange for a “shoutout” - Apparently, nowadays it has become the newest trend.
I find that several people have misused this word and changed its meaning to “free gift” - This isn’t a free gift , it’s paid publicity. .
For some markets it might work and for others it may not. I myself am very picky as to who I decide to collaborate with, as I need to feel like I’m at the same level, but I also need to be comfortable with who I’ll be exchanging my services.

If I’m going to promote something it’s because I’ve tried it and used it myself, approved of it and I would buy it as a gift for someone else.

If these above criteria’s don’t apply, you can be sure I won’t be a part of it . For me, no matter how fake social media has became I will always stay true to my followers, friends and family. If I will promote something it’s truly because I believe it’s worth the promotion. .“

That said walking into Gravure’s Showroom I knew this was going to be on my top list. Not because of the bling, but because of the way they welcomed me in. Robert was sitting by the front counter with the biggest smile on his face when I walked in. Then Frumie and Freydi, two sisters, entered the show room with such excitement and helped me choose the perfect set of jewelry for my photoshoot. It was remarkable. They walked me through the showroom, introducing me to their staff one by one. It was crystal clear that they are surrounded by good vibes. And that is definitely a great work environment.
I’ve personally had the honour of wearing several of their pieces from their diamond collection. Frumi was a true gem to deal with and knew how to find the perfect piece for my outfit. I couldn’t have found those pieces without her. This past year I attended a Gala wearing the most outstanding diamond earrings from their collection. The amount of compliments I’ve received were endless and really made me feel like a million dollars.

Of course I always get stopped for my fashion, but this time around the earrings were the show stopper, not my dress! Let’s face it , who doesn’t stare at a gorgeous diamond piece! . Gravure by Atlantic is a Family business that has been around for three generations, they are manufacturers and sell worldwide throughout Canada, USA , Australia, etc. You can find their pieces in the most high end jewelry stores. .

They specialize in custom made Wedding bands and engagement rings. It is important to trust your jeweller when dealing with such delicate items and this is a company you could trust blindly. Their price is as fair as can be and their patience is beyond words . They will go through the entire process of showing and explaining you the size/clarity/value of the diamond, as we all love to know what we are settling for, especially when it’s an investment. I tried on possibly every pair of earrings before I fell in love with the ones I wore and through it all they were extremely patient with me. I can assure you they will have you try hundreds of rings until you fall in love with “THE ONE”.
Gravure by Atlantic is situated downtown Montreal. You might be able to find more than one jewelry store downtown, but I can assure you that Gravure by Atlantic will be the only one that will meet your style and budget.

But most importantly, what I truly admired was how honest and not hungry to sell as other jewellers they were. They will spend hours with you and give you all the time in the world to make a decision without the pressure. They will suggest what suits you best unlike others who just sell to sell, and to me that meant so much. Seeing how passionate they are about their line of work and how they give everyone their full attention was truly amazing and that is why I adored my experience at Gravure and strongly suggest any of you who are looking to purchase that special gift not to hesitate to go see them. Have in mind their downtown showroom is specifically for wholesalers that said, give them a call and one of their associates will guide you through the entire process of where to purchase. You can also message them directly on there Instagram page @gravure_by_atlantic and they will answer within 24hrs. you can reach them as well on their tool free number 1877-472-8873 Look up their website to book an appointment, you’ll thank me later 💋


  1. Esther says:

    It’s beautiful to see how honest and down to earth you are. I don’t own a business but I’ve always wondered what’s with all these collabs and you make a very good point! As for this jewelry store I can’t waut to have an excuse to buy a piece of jewelry they sound phenomenal

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