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Modest Swimwear (two tone)


Available on backorder

SKU: Modest swimwear-2

Have you seen our Collaboration swimdress with the one and only Victoria Zirkiev!! If you follow Victoria you’ll know what you’re loyalty discount is, enjoy it.

Victoria & I would like to introduce to you our semi modest swimwear with a modern twist. This suit was designed with a sophisticated look for women who want to coverup and feel stylish. Its a one piece, the bottom is fully adjustable, you can wear it over or under the knees. The front has an invisible zipper which is great for breastfeeding or if you want less coverage. Sizes run small so size up. It’s available in sizes XS-XXL, Shipping is $25 within United States & Canada.

If you need any help ordering or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via email [email protected] or send us a message via Instagram and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

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M, L, XL, XXL, S, XS


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“, ” XS “, ” S “, ” M “, ” L “, ” XL “, ” XL “, ”


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