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December 12, 2017
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April 12, 2018
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The Studio

Being a student isn’t easy.
You try to please your parents trying to aim the high grades and being a teachers pet, while studying day and night to ace that test.
But that last year of high school is the most stressful year,
Did you register?
Did you get accepted?
Where did you register?
It’s all about who registered where?! And who got accepted where?!
And the big question you hear during that year is
“What do you want to do when you graduate?!”

Really?? Do you truly believe that every single student knows where he/she wants to be 10yrs from now?
Well , a lot of students might not know, but I definitely knew that I will be the owner of Margalit Azerad.
I didn’t know what that meant or how I’ll get their but I made it half way HERE.
I started off with an IKEA rack at my neighbours house.
Her guest room , became my shop.
And through word of mouth the phone kept ringing and ringing and my days were full of appointments.
That little rack that once held 3 dresses was falling apart with loads of designs. The room got so cluttered that it was time to look for a Studio.

One Friday night, I told my parents that I’ll be looking for a studio space. We started brainstorming which area would be best.
Saturday night, we found out that their was a bridal shop closing down on Parc Avenue and decided to take over the location.
We went in Sunday and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
The place was falling apart. No floor... Yellow walls..... half the ceiling was off.... I looked at my parents laughed and said theirs no way I’m moving in here.
My parents signed the lease for me and promised to help me recreate the space into my dream space.
They truly believed it was meant to be.

A few months went by and my uncle Shlomie and his son placed a wooden floor, new ceiling , perfect spot lights, I called my painter Yair who painted the entire place in 48hrs with his awesome team.
Shlomie came back to help me place all my mirrors and furniture . Within just a few months the place looked just as I imagined.
I couldn’t believe that within just a few months we were able to turn it into a new space. My furniture arrived and it was time for sales....


  1. Orly says:

    Wow it’s so true, Teachers always stress students about where they will go after high school but I don’t recall teachers enforcing the students to find their inner talent – I love reading your blogs your positive vibe is what keeps me going xoxo Orly

  2. Mimi says:

    What can we say, you are truly amazing Margalit. I have never met you but I purchased gowns from you through your website and your Instagram page and I am obsessed with every single one of them. You’ve been a pleasure to work with especially from such a far distance and your patience has been admirable. I am looking forward in collecting more designs from you.