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April 8, 2018
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May 17, 2018
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Putting my passion to use

Finally being in my own space. My dream came true. While the excitement was kicking in, I started signing up to all the fashion events I could ever think of.

At first, I would travel once every few months and slowly it became once a week. I became addicted to all these shows and loved getting inspired by the talented designers. It’s amazing how the fashion industry can easily keep you busy by watching and attending monthly/weekly/daily shows.

I’ve slowly realized that all I had been doing was traveling and buying more and more stock to fill in my space. When the studio was full of dresses I couldn’t be happier, but within a few weeks I noticed something wasn’t feeling right.
I got so caught up with the traveling and getting to meet new designers that I wasn’t focusing on what I wanted for myself.
Do I want to sell other brands?! Or create my own brand?
By attending these shows I was buying and selling, which would make me a retailer, BUT not just any retailer. I specialized in designer gowns and made sure to be exclusive in Montreal. This meant my boutique would be the only one selling that specific brand in Montreal,. As well I always added my special touch to the client's dress during the fittings and alterations. During this process I've build a specific clientele. I was very satisfied as to how far I got on my own and how much I've achieved and yet something inside me was telling me I could do better then being a retailer.
I slowly stopped purchasing from these brands and only attended the shows to get inspired.

"Get inspired but don’t shop”

It’s easy to say, but very hard to do. I slowly put my talent to use and understood that if I wanted to be a designer I would have to stay still for a while and work on my own designs. I started hiring full time Seasmstresses and began to give them pieces to work on. I suddenly found myself living in fabric stores, literally. I went from one store to the next and felt amazing every time I found the right fabric. My brain simply couldn't stop thinking of more and more designs.My imagination was endless. While I went fabric shopping to find the very best fabric for my creations I would leave behind projects for my employees to create. I could envision what that piece of fabric would become, but I had to keep in mind that my employees didn't always understand what I was trying to do with it. I had to find the proper way of expressing what I saw and imagined in my mind so they could reproduce what I envisioned.

It wasn't easy finding the proper staff and training them. It took a while until they understood me. Even with the perfect sketch it would take several samples to get to the perfect design. My favourite part has always been when I hand them over a project and they look at me saying "this will never come out", and not only does it come out perfectly, but it’s beyond beautiful.

And slowly slowly I created my own designs. Which turned into my own collection.

I switched my shop from off the rack to custom made designs only. I had no choice but to sell all the designer brands at 50-70% off to make space for my creations. Now, when you walk in the shop your only option is to purchase a “Margalit Azerad” dress or to place a custom made order.

I create daily inspiration and designs and the ideas are endless. But it’s the best feeling knowing you're heading the right path and doing what you truly love.


  1. Rochel Leah Marinelli says:

    It is truly inspiring to see your company and your dresses come to life! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

  2. Mrs. Dahan says:

    Margalit, you should be sooo proud of yourself. You’ve come a long way and this is only the begging of an amazing journey. Wishing you best of luck and looking forward in waiting in line for your autograph… we might laugh about it now but I truly believe that you will become the next top designer world wide. I’ve made over 10 custom made gowns by you and each one is more successful then the other. Best of luck darling!

  3. Natalie Adelman says:

    Margalit you are seriously such an inspiration! You have accomplished so much in so little time! I have so much faith that you will go very far! Can’t wait to see what you will achieve in the near future!

  4. Rachel says:

    Margalit I am so proud of you! You are truly the best and a real inspiration !! Who ever is reading this, you won’t regret getting your dress made by Margalit. She will put all her efforts and will take all the time that you need to make you the happiest with your dress:)

  5. Hanna says:

    Your enthusiasm to work and the patience you have with each one of us is unbelievable. Not only did I LOVE my dress but I looked forward to every fitting to get to chill with you. I came to you thinking I’m ordering a gown, I walked out with you being my personal stylist, my psychologist (??) and I totally have you on my friends list ,hope I made it to your fiend list haha.
    keep being the ambitious Margalit we all know. We truly adore you and your work. Can’t wait to get another dress by you ?

  6. Rivkah says:

    Congratulations on how far you’ve come on your own. You’re a hustler and we should all learn from you. You’ve shown us what it is to take your dream and put it into use. #girlboss
    I look up to you and hope to become nearly as successful as you are. You might not be a millionaire just yet or even close to but you have no idea the impact that you have on so many of us. Keep it up

  7. Zahava says:

    Wooww amazing Margalit!! So so nice to see how far you have come?